Sales Dashboard from Fusion Charts

The Sales Dashboard shown below from Fusion Charts is a good example of how business intelligence software can be used to create an effective and detailed representation of a business’ performance. This dashboard example is quite detailed, and has a number of charts distributed over four tabs.

Initially the user is presented with a Summary tab, which gives an overview of sales performance over a given year. This tab cleverly uses bar charts, global maps and line charts to give a summary of various aspects of sales performance. Users can see how sales figures by continent, by month and how they compared to the previous year’s figures. Additional key performance indicators are shown using gauge charts.

The second tab is given to specific sales data. In this case it is titled Visits/Downloads. Again, it uses a variety of charts to compare the number of visits to the company sites against the number of actual downloads. This data is relevant and necessary for the company’s decision makers to have a better understanding of sales performance. The third tab is concerned with marketing, and analyses how much money was spent on marketing in comparison with revenue gain. It also provides a variety of charts to examine how traffic was directed to the site. There is comparative analysis of various search engine links as well as marketing expenses. Finally there is a tab devoted to manpower, which includes a detailed breakdown of human resources data. Various charts demonstrate the number of staff in each department, as well as the average experience of the staff.