Sample Airline Dashboard from BonaVista

BonaVista Systems have a range of sample dashboards that they use to display the capabilities of their products. One such of these is the sample Airline Dashboard. This dashboard has been set up to provide an Executive overview of the KPIs of a large airline. It focuses on key aspects of the business’ operation, including revenues and financial data.

As an airline’s success relies heavily on the quality of the service it provides, this dashboard is markedly different to common dashboards in a number of ways. While sales dashboards and other performance reports tend to include charts on bestselling products and stores, this dashboard has to look at many other issues. Customer satisfaction must be looked at, along with punctuality of flights etc.

The BonaVista Airline Dashboard begins with a Financial chart in the top left corner. This contains data on Revenues, Expenses, Profits and Market Share. Sparklines are used to represent trend charts, which can be viewed in fullscreen format if the user clicks on the dashboard. Targets for each KPI are represented by shaded line charts, where users can easily see how actual performance relates to target results.

There are three more categories of analysis on the left hand side of this dashboard, all of which follow the same layout as the Financial chart. The Flight Statistics category looks at flight and passenger numbers, flight cancellations, late arrivals etc. Again sparklines are used to represent trend lines, which can be viewed on a larger scale as before. Colour coding is again used to indicate how performance compared to targets. The two other categories on the left hand side of this chart look at Customer feedback and Ratios.

The right hand side of the dashboard focuses on flight data. The Top 10 routes are listed, based on passengers in % and profit in %. This is followed by a similar chart that represents the Worst 10 routes, based on cancellations and delays. These two charts use simple horizontal bars to represent the percentages in each case.

While this dashboard contains a considerable amount of information, it looks quite dated and unattractive. At first glance it looks more like a set of tables with some small charts, rather than a graphic dashboard. The overuse of grey shading also adds a certain dullness.