School – Student Dashboard – Bad – Good or OK?


This is a School dashboard showing various school related metrics

  • Teacher Ethnicity
  • Teacher Gender
  • Students per grade
  • Student Ethnic Analysis

Now lets do a review of the design.

Pie Charts – Since there are only two possible values in the pie chart it is OK but if you had to display a pie chart with multiple sections, there should be pointer to each pie section from the legend. Please avoid the visual eye-balling exercise for the user.

Bar Charts: The use of cylindrical bars may be likable to some but not for all. The dark shade of the yellow bar is hiding the number that is displayed on the yellow bar. Whats the point of the bar chart if you cannot reveal the values?


Parameters: Big Fat blue drop down = Plain Ugly

Also there are alignment issues on the first portlet. The last name is center aligned, why?

Why not use the standard alignment, text is left aligned, numbers are right aligned.

So how do you rate this dashboard?

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