Service KPIs – 4

Service KPI Listing

Inbound Service Level
Percent of calls offered that are handled within Customer Wait Level Goal
Inbound Service Requests Created
Service requests created in call center
Inbound Speed to Answer
Average seconds call spent in queue before being answered
Inbound Transfer Rate
Percent of calls where agent received call and transferred it
Inbound Utilization Rate
Percent of time spent handling customer calls versus time logged in
Inbound Web Call Backs Handled
Web callback requests processed
Mean Time To Resolve (Days)
The average Time to Resolve in Days for each Service Request that was either resolved or closed.
On Hand Field Service Inventory Value
Total on hand Field Service inventory value
Repair Order Backlog
As of date count of open Repair Orders (Repair Order Status is Open/Hold/Draft).
Repair Order Late Completion %
Percentage of Repair Orders completed late to the total Repair Orders completed
Repair Order Margin
Margin of the Repair Order, calculated as Charges – Cost