Social Media Demographics Dashboard from Flowtown

This dashboard provides information on the user distributions of a number of social networking sites. Results are filtered by gender, age etc. The social networking sites included on display are Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Ning.

The layout of this dashboard is quite self-explanatory. The centre is dominated by a graphic of a laptop, with a key underneath featuring the icons of the various social networking sites included on this display. The dashboard is then divided into 4 segments, which are arrayed around the centre. Results are displayed by gender, by age, by income level and by education level. Each category has a separate column for each social networking site. 100 cubes are included in each column, which each represent 1% of the data. These cubes are then split up to show the percentage of users in each category.

While this dashboard is well laid out and easy to follow, it offers no filtering or drill down features. It is not interactive, and can be confusing at times. For example when there are number of groups of cubes of similar sizes, it can be difficult to discern the exact figures for each grouping.

Social Media Dashboard