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The business of software is a different beast altogether. Companies like Oracle and Microsoft fall into this category of Software business.

These giants have their own established ways to monitor and track their KPIs and we are not focusing on them.

What about that small software company that creates a small Excel based add-ons?

What about the company that sells through component source or lists its software on

How would a company of that size and domain track its business?

Talking to one our partners who is into Dashboard business came up with some important stuff which is very unique to his size of the business.

His company caters to the small business and here are the important things he would like to track for his business.

  • Number of software downloads/day/week/Month/year [if the software is extrememly popular you could add the metric of Downloads/hour]
  • Sales/day/week/month/year
  • No of Customers/downloads [day/week/month/year]
  • Sales dollars/downloads
  • Number of visitors on website

<blockquote>Dashboards are no brainer</blockquote>

Some of the things like website statistics is easily tracked through packages like Google Analytics and other remaining stuff can be derived through Quickbooks or other Accounting/mini ERP packages. The most painful of all is the integration piece or having to see all of the above in one dashboard view. Most of the dashboard solutions offer merging of multiple sources into the dashboard and hence Dashboard in general has tons of productivity benefits. In short, “Dashboards are no brainer”


Here is a screenshot from Netsuite website about a sample Software Business Dashboard



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