Superstore Dashboard from Data Driven Consulting

This superstore dashboard has been divided into three tabs, each or which are designed to report on the performance of various managers employed by the superstore. The first tab is the Sales Manager Dashboard, the second is for the Shipping Manager, while the third is the CFO Dashboard.

At the top left hand corner of the Sales Manager dashboard is a table providing a breakdown of each manager’s performance on a monthly basis. This is a simple table, which is divided into three columns. The first lists the managers by name, while the second and third columns provides Sales figures for the current month and for the previous month. There is a Grand Total row at the bottom of the table, where the user can see the overall sales performance of the managers in comparison with the previous month. There is a second table that continues with the same rows as the previous one, and is placed just next to it. This displays Profit by manager, for the current and previous time period. There is then a set of sparklines displaying Sales over Range for each manager, and finally an Annual Quota chart, which takes the form of a horizontal bar chart. This chart displays how each manager is performing in relation to their annual quota. The data on this entire dashboard can be filtered to display results on a monthly, weekly or yearly basis, or it can be set to display the entire data set.

There is also a set of two maps on the lower left hand side of the dashboard, which have store locations marked on them using colour coded dots. An area can be selected by clicking on the map, and a ‘Recent Orders’ table to the right hand side of the map gives detailed daily information on the performances of each manager. The Shipping Manager tab follows a similar layout to that of the Sales Manager page, with some charts and most of the data being shipping related as would be expected. The CFO dashboard also follows the same pattern, with data and charts concerning sales and profit throughout the company.