Supply Chain Dashboard from Birst

The Birst Supply Chain Dashboard is a demonstration dashboard that is designed to monitor their inventory, the statuses of their various suppliers etc. As with most dashboards, this example is laid out using a number of tabs. There is a dedicated Backlog tab, along with separate tabs labelled ‘Units Shipped’, ‘On-Time Delivery’, ‘Inventory’, ‘RMA’, ‘Reliability’ and ‘Supplier Dashboard’. Each tab also has the option to acquire additional details and also a quick search facility. The Detail option allows users to see the data in table format, without the aid of charts.

The Backlog tab is laid out with the charts displaying various data sets relating to backlogs. There is a stacked bar chart giving a breakdown of backlog by product version, colour coded to represent ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ figures. There is also another two bar charts displaying backlog by customer and by sales territory. The Units Shipped tab follows a similar pattern to the other tabs, with charts providing various breakdowns on the units shipped per quarter. There are charts providing information on units shipped by data type, by product, by product version etc.

The additional tabs reflecting On-Time Delivery, Reliability etc. have similar charts with breakdowns of various aspects of the supply chain. Deliveries are also divided into national and international subpages, with detailed map charts providing information on deliveries in each region. For example the national page is currently set to show a map of the United States, with each state colour coded and displaying data figures. Clicking on a state provides a further page of charts, showing delivery data and trends for the state in question.

The Supply Chain Dashboard from Birst is a very large and very detailed dashboard with considerable amounts of drill down data. In some places this data is not displayed very efficiently however, and the colour scheme is slightly old fashioned and unattractive.