Supply Chain Dashboard KPIs and Metrics

Supply Chain KPI Listing

Pick Exceptions Rate
Percent of Picks with Exceptions
Pick Release to Ship
Time elapsed from Pick Release to Ship Confirm
Planned Inventory Turns
Planned Cost of Goods Sold / Planned Inventory Value
Planned Margin
Planned Revenue – Planned Costs
Planned Margin Percent
Planned Margin / Planned Revenue
Planned On-Time Shipment
Planned service level (percent of shipments shipped on time)
Planned Resource Utilization
Planned Resource Usage / Planned Resource Availability
Planned Revenue
Planned revenue from existing sales orders plus expected revenue from forecasted orders
Product Gross Margin
(Fulfilled Value – COGS) / Fulfilled Value
Product Revenue
Product sales revenue (not including service) recognized in selected period (based on AR invoice lines)
Product Revenue Backlog
Value of booked order lines less returns plus deferred revenue backlog (invoiced but not recognized)