Supply Chain Dashboard Metrics and KPI

Supply Chain KPI Listing

Annualized Inventory Turns
Annualized COGS / Average Daily Inventory Value
Backlog Value
Value of open, not yet fulfilled, booked order lines
Book To Fulfill Ratio
Booked Order Value / Fulfilled Value
Book to Ship Days
Average of shipped date – firmed date (booked date used if no firmed date)
Booked Order Value
Booked order line value (not including returns or cancellations)
Exact Match Rate
Number of exact matches / total cycle count entries
Fulfilled Return Value
Value of received or fulfilled customer returns (not including open RMA’s)
Fulfilled Value
Fulfilled sales order line value
Gross Adjustment Rate
Gross Adjustments / Inventory Value of counted items at completion of cycle count entries
Hit/Miss Accuracy
Percent of cycle count entries falling within hit/miss tolerances
Inventory Value
Value of on-hand, WIP, and in-transit inventory on as-of date (by inventory category)