SWING KPI Dashboard from Swiss Info Group

This dashboard has been created to display KPIs for a fictional data set, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of Swiss Info Group’s product. The dashboard can be set up to update daily and in real time. There are quite a few tabs included in this dashboard, covering most of the performance areas that would be relevant to this type of dashboard. There are Management, Sales, Financial and Production tabs, along with other more case specific categories.

The Financial tab, pictured below, is divided into four regions. A line chart is available at the top of the dashboard, which displays monthly net profits over the period of a single year, for two years. There is a separate trend line for each year, and each line is colour coded. On the bottom left side of the dashboard there are two gauge charts, displaying ROI and ROCE data. Finally opposite to these charts there is a filled line chart titled Cash Flow. This displays cash flow over a six monthly period. Overall this is a plain dashboard, that does not contain very much data. It is badly laid out, and the charts do not provide enough relevant data to create a good overview of the company’s financial status.

Financial Management Dashboard