Tableau Software’s Public Technology Equities Dashboard

The Public Technology Equities Dashboard is designed to track trading in technological stock. It compiles the data from various technology companies and displays them in a clear and easy to interpret format. In this example we will look at the Volumes and Volatility section of this dashboard.

This dashboard features only a single chart – a large color coded bubble chart displaying the Percentage Daily Return against the Time. Each color code represents a specific ticker, and it is possible to filter the results of the chart by selecting various tickers. A total of seven different companies are featured in this dashboard, but more can be added if required. As with all bubble charts, the magnitude of the bubbles indicates the volume, which is explained by a key at the base of the chart.

Users of this dashboard can filter results by industry if desired, and by volume. They can also choose to view data over a specific date range. Additional drill down information is available for this chart, and can be obtained by mousing over any bubble. An interactive dashboard can be accessed here.

equities performance dashboard