TabWare Analytics Dashboard

List of KPI’s and Matrics for Tabware Analytics Dashboard.

  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Work backlog by Priority
  • Downtime trend
  • Project Budjet Status
  • Top 5 Bad Actors

for the Downtime Trend is very confusing to derive any results whats that looking like kind of Graphic Equilizer ? why would any one put the refrence line represented with Button like ,when it could be made simple with just one dotted or solid line instead of round buttons .

Work backlog By Priority would be more meaningful if the pie chart also would had shown the % of the pie,why would any user do his eye-exercise to simply get the results of the report ?

there is no legend to specify what Priority1 ,2 and … is set to.(keep guessing )

The front bar(grey shade) chart against a grey background is very snowy ( can u see clearly in snow ? )


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