School – Student Dashboard – Bad – Good or OK?

This is a School dashboard showing various school related metrics Teacher Ethnicity Teacher Gender Students per grade Student Ethnic Analysis Now lets do a review of the design. Pie Charts – Since there are only two possible values in the pie chart it is OK but if you had to display a pie chart with … Read more

Bad Dashboard Design

As Stephen Few points out in this critical analysis of an Oracle Dashboard, here are the points to remember. Don’t just throw your resources, assemble the data sources to put together a dashboard, Paint them in un-necessary 3-D graphics and Glassy gradients. Some quick analysis summary All of the graphs use 3D to encode 2-D … Read more

Tree Dashboard-Marketing Overview- Finance overview-Products Overview-Supply chain

    Well This looks like more of a tree than any kind of Dashboard.Whats its place overe here? wondering The Contents are Home P.0 Marketing Overview Initiatives Finance overview Current Quarter Annual Forecast Budget Products Overview Branded Products Product focus co-Brand Products Co-Brand Product focus Supply chain Overview Re-stock and returns Inventory