Dashboards help you see what you Manage

Dashboards allow placing several sources of data into data interpretation graphics, allowing visualization of data and its relevancy on various parameters that affect the several measures success or failures.

Business Intelligence : Data sources with a Makeover

BI is all about allowing relevant business data collected from various sources and stages to be used in unison and drawing meanings and inferences from them. In other words, BI is also a form of Makeover for your data.

Are Dashboards required to be clean ?

A fact that I noticed on several Dashboard’s is that they are trying to pass on too much data and form a cluster of sorts within a single view. This just makes me wonder as to why cleanliness and blank spaces are not considered when preparing these designs.

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 4

Read about the Type – 1 approach Type – 2 approach Type – 3 approach Type 4: This type defines the method of creating dashboard using Excel. The data and presentation is all part of the Excel file. This is the most popular approach as it is very easy and affordable to create dashboards. It … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 3

Read about the Type 2 Approach Type 3: This category involves the use of some big vendor BI tool. These BI tools are quite comprehensive and come with tons of options to choose from. They provide ad-hoc reporting and easy dashboard creation options. Once installed and configured, there is often a need to define data … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 2

This is a continuation of the Dashboard Creation Methods Type 2: This category involves the use of some Dashboard designing tool. You need to download and install the third party software and learn their basic steps in designing the dashboards. Most often the designing tools offer variety of connection methods to the various databases and … Read more

Various methods of creating Digital Dashboards – Part 1

Are you trying to build a Dashboard or a new Application? Three are three types of Dashboard Solutions Type 1: This category defines those tutorials where you built everything from scratch. You write your own SQL queries, database connection methods and create data files. Then you construct your own presentation layer by defining the html, … Read more

Building Real-Time Supply Chain Dashboards

Forget pie charts and gauges; get rid of the clutter; find out what info really drives decision; the “business of now” With all the focus today on “metrics” and dashboards, actually building ones that add real value is a difficult exercise. There are two real issues in building dashboards: What information can really drive improved, … Read more

Storage Console Dashboard – SLA Dashboard – Job dashboard

this Dashboard is the most neatest stuff ,well and good color contrast.   SLA Dashboard NetBackup -Job Status Summary Total Job VS month (Period) I wish if I can scale the horizontal scale so that I could print it instantly ,other than scrolling that horizontal bar.But still its a clear and good example. NetBackup- Job … Read more

EM7 – Bandwidht Dashboard -Enterprise -wide Bandwidth usage

Bandwidth Dashboard Highest Average Network The dark black color could had been avoided with more ligher shades for more pleasant looks. MPS vs Applications Enterprise -wide Bandhwidht usage,per hour MPs vs period (days | hours ) Highest Average Network usage per hour ,last 7 days MPS vs the program name.