National Gas Price Dashboard – AAA – Corda Centerview

This is another dashboard from Corda. The dashboard looks neat and serves the purpose of showing gas prices by state. However, There is a major flaw with the bar charts? Can you spot them? Exactly, the bar charts just look like plain rectangle and it is not the tool problem but a design issue. The … Read more

Project Task Dashboard – CPI -SPI -Cost -Schedule Variance

Project Task Dashboard CPI /SPI Performance Summary Cost /Schedule variance Task Matrix The Dashboard looks simple and good ,I wished if the scaleing number on the edges to be more bigger enough to be visible and be black in color text. The Task Matrix looks quite ugly with the pink background .The Text in legend … Read more

Ugly Heat Map Dashboard

There is nothing much to comment about this dashboard except the obvious thing is the use of colors. The choice of colors is plain ugly and very tough on eyes. A softer shades of the same colors could deliver the same information with better aesthetics.

Dashboard Design Fundamentals and Rules

Some simple and straight fundamental rules need to be followed while designing and developing a dashboard. In order for an executive dashboard to be most effective and useful for the user, its design must meet three fundamental requirements: Clarity Balance Appropriateness of focus (high-level decision-making and strategic visibility) Clarity Information on the dashboard charts has … Read more

Use of Colors on Dashboard Charts and Graphs

Here is a very insightful article on the use of colors in Charts by Stephen Few. If you are a dashboard designer or developer then this is a must read. If your boss or manager for whom you develop dashbaords,reports or charts likes eye-candy stuff then please make him/her aware of the following rules. Here … Read more