Receivables Status Dashboard | AR Status Dashboard

This Accounts Receivables Status Dashboard provides a summary view of the receivables balance at a given point in time. This dashboard shows the amount of apst due receivables, open receivables, and unapplied receipts, as well as the aging composition of the receivables and the average number of days by which customers are past due. On … Read more

Account Receivables Management Dashboards | AR Dashboard

The Receivables Management dashboard lets you measure and track your department’s performance over time. The comparative analysis and trend reporting capabilities provided by this dashboard helps you to identify systemic processing inefficiencies in your department. Once inefficiencies are identified, you can take steps to address them. You can then use this dashboard to evaluate the … Read more

Funds Management Dashboards | Public Sector Manager Dashboard

The Funds Management dashboard lets public sector managers and analysts compare encumbrances and actual expenditures to budgets, and view the status of funds in hierarchies of funds, cost centers, and expense categories. For each fund, cost center, and expense category, you can see the budget, encumbrances, and actual expenses, as well as available funds. The … Read more

Payables Dashboard | What to measure in Account Payables (AP)

By using the Payables Management dashboard, payables managers and analysts can analyze operational efficiency by monitoring invoice processing efficiency and by identifying outstanding invoices or recurring problems for particular operating units in the areas of invoice activity, payments, discounts taken, and holds. Invoice ActivityThe Invoice Activity report displays, by operating unit and supplier, the total … Read more

Executive Dashboards: Profit and Loss Dashboard by line of business

Previously we sampled a Small Business Profti and Loss Dashboard This time its for the big corporations. This one is based on Oracle ERP (known as e-business suite) A line of business is a logical grouping of your organizations, such as Manufacturing or Customer Service. KPIs and Metrics Cumulative Revenue TrendThe Cumulative Revenue graph displays … Read more

Expense Management Dashboard

Expense Management dashboard provides daily information about operating expenses to the Cost Center Manager. Managers can also view information such as expenses per employee, travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses, and the top 10 spenders. This is a complimentary dashboard to the Expense Analysis Parameters   Headcount and Expenses Trend The Headcount and Expenses Trend enables … Read more

Expense Analysis Dashboard | Expense KPIs | Cost Center Expenses

This Expense Analysis dashboard provides up-to-date information on a company’s operating expenses, and features a company/cost center/natural account-oriented view of a company’s expense activity. This dashboard is targeted at a company’s managers and finance department, and focuses on analyzing and managing operating expenses. Expense Analysis provides finance departments with the ability to explore anomalies by … Read more

Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX) Compliance Dashboard | Financial Statement Certification dashboard

Under Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404, an organization issuing financial statements must provide “an assessment of the effectiveness of the internal control structure and procedures for financial reporting” as of the end of the fiscal year. So this is a very serious dashboard for all those Public companies and ones that fall under the SOX radar. If … Read more

Regional Performance Management Dashboard | MicroStrategy

Lets take a look at this Microstrategy Dashboard. The top section houses three dials and they are very informative despite taking too much of screen real estate. For e.g the First dial shows a descriptive text “2006 Revenue growth of 29.4% compares to a target of 22.7%” It would have been more useful if the … Read more

Inflation Dashboard – VisualCalc’s PublicDashboards

Currently, there is a lot of free, publicly available data focused on issues prevalent in today’s news. In most cases, however, this data is not easily consumable by the public. Often, it is scattered across multiple, hard-to-find sources. In addition, much of this data is very detailed and complex, making it hard to decipher. Finally, … Read more