Box office Visualization | Innovative Technique

This is a unique visualization of Box office receipts. The height of the bump shows the revenue for the movie and the width represents the time frame. You can see clearly which movies have short time frame but a very high peaks, whereas some have shorter peaks but greater widths on the time frame. To … Read more

Museum Dashboard | A dashboard with no fancy charts

How a dashboard can be effective with no fancy charts This is a Museum Dashboard screenshot from Indianapolis Museum of Art The ‘transparency’ that the Dashboard offers is remarkable – it not only makes that information available on an ‘almost live’ basis, most importantly it makes it ‘accessible’. Everything from the number of new artworks … Read more

Storage Console Dashboard – SLA Dashboard – Job dashboard

this Dashboard is the most neatest stuff ,well and good color contrast.   SLA Dashboard NetBackup -Job Status Summary Total Job VS month (Period) I wish if I can scale the horizontal scale so that I could print it instantly ,other than scrolling that horizontal bar.But still its a clear and good example. NetBackup- Job … Read more