How Can Metrics, Analytics, and Dashboards Help a Struggling Entrepreneur

Startups or even a small business should take advantage of business intelligence tools. Especially for entrepreneurs who are considering themselves to be struggling in making ends meet, leveraging data can be their ticket to better operations, boosted sales, and overall business success. When we talk about business intelligence, there is no specific reference to just one piece of software but … Read more

Reporting and Dashboard Automation for Marketing

Marketing Reporting and Dashboard Automation For anyone who works in the marketing sector, customer satisfaction and company progress are of utmost importance. In the past, entrepreneurs lived by the adage “The customer is always right.” Even then, the satisfaction of customers was the gauge of company owners as to what products or services they would … Read more

The Role of Data Visualization for Digital Marketing

The field of marketing used to be a matter of simple advertising but times have changed. Back in the day, best advertisement got the most sales but today's buyers are not so suggestible as in days of yore. With the advent of Internet, even uneducated consumers have become wary of overt advertising. These days marketers … Read more

Marketing Management Dashboard | Marketing Performance KPI

This dashboard provides users with daily insight into key marketing performance areas such as lead generation, lead conversion, campaign to cash, marketing budgets, and marketing ROI. The dashboard provides information on campaign to cash, campaign ROI, and budgets. It helps in analyzing trends in lead generation, lead conversion, cost per lead, and revenue per lead. … Read more

Lead Management Dashboard | Marketing Dashboards

The Lead Management dashboard provides lead conversion information by product category or by sales group. Marketing uses this information to align marketing activities with sales. For example, marketing departments can identify sales groups that are struggling with lead conversion and the product category. They can then use this information to create marketing activities for the … Read more

Inbound Telephony Management Dashboard | Call Center Activity | Daily Business Intelligence

Following our previous DBI dashboard for Email Center Management , this is another DBI dashboard. The Inbound Telephony Management dashboard allows call center managers to get an overview of inbound telephony operations for different centers, classifications and dialed numbers. Familiar KPIs provide a snapshot of performance and the associated graphs provide detail on the trends … Read more

Election Intelligence – Collection of Electoral Dashboards

“Joe the Plumber”, “Tina Fey”, “Sarah Palin”, “Obama” and “Mccain”, What do they have to do with Dashboards? Apparently nothing, but they are the talk of this season, thats right, its Election season and with so many interesting things turning around every day there got to be a better way to track some elements of … Read more

Yahoo Web Analytics Dashboard

Yahoo recently announced the introduction of Yahoo Web Analytics for Yahoo Merchant Solutions, now in a test phase with continual rollout slated throughout this year and 2009. The result of Yahoo’s acquisition of IndexTools earlier this year, Yahoo Web Analytics will provide the company’s advertisers, publishers, partners and developers with data and customer insights they … Read more

Zoho employ’s artists to create Dashboards?

Past couple of weeks has been very exciting for us with the release of our first WordPress Dashboard Plugin. Now let us get back to business of reviewing dashboards and we start with reviewing Zoho’s CRM Dashboard Zoho is a very exciting company to watch and there is lot of talk about whether Zoho is … Read more

Election 2008 Dashboard

Election 2008 Dashboard is part of VisualCalc’s publicdashboard collection The Election 2008 Dashboard provides the latest projections for the 2008 U.S. Presidential election. The dashboard’s indicators help compare the candidates overall and on a state-by-state basis. For example, the dashboard shows that Barack Obama has 226 projected electoral votes, John McCain has 189, and 123 … Read more