Dashboards help you see what you Manage

Dashboards allow placing several sources of data into data interpretation graphics, allowing visualization of data and its relevancy on various parameters that affect the several measures success or failures.

Flash Dashboards | Create Dashboard using AnyChart flash charts

This is a good tutorial on how to create a flash based dashboard. Although the steps demonstrated are for a static dashboard you could use a scripting engine like PHP to feed dynamic data to the chart engine. NOTE: You need to know a scripting language like ASP or PHP in order to deliver a … Read more

Create Dashboards With PHP and Flex

Creating dashboards with PHP and Flex Here is a tutorial to build dashboards using PHP and Flex platform. PHP is the dominating scripting language of the internet and is part of the LAMP stack (yep “p” stands for PHP). The steps for creating this type of dashboard is very mechanical as you need to know … Read more