KPI Reporting and Dashboards for Project Management

KPIs enable managers to easily get an insight on how well a project has been handled. Although results are usually taken into account, the use of performance indicators considers all aspects of project management, which often makes KPI reporting more comprehensive as opposed to simple data analysis. At the end of the day, KPIs provide a way for … Read more

Dashboards help you see what you Manage

Dashboards allow placing several sources of data into data interpretation graphics, allowing visualization of data and its relevancy on various parameters that affect the several measures success or failures.

Dashboards on the Move!

Trends and instances have hinted towards a major growth in the usage of Business Intelligence. If one analyzes the latest developments connected with data mining and analytics, the spurt in growth of BI and Dashboards cannot be missed.

Business Intelligence : Data sources with a Makeover

BI is all about allowing relevant business data collected from various sources and stages to be used in unison and drawing meanings and inferences from them. In other words, BI is also a form of Makeover for your data.

Are Dashboards required to be clean ?

A fact that I noticed on several Dashboard’s is that they are trying to pass on too much data and form a cluster of sorts within a single view. This just makes me wonder as to why cleanliness and blank spaces are not considered when preparing these designs.

Business Intelligence and Small Business

With Dashboard making and BI tools get much easier to obtain, use and implement it is only a matter of time before ‘EACH’ Small Business too incorporates to use of BI within their functioning

Contract Projects Cost Management Dashboard

This dashboard summarizes the billable and non-billable costs on contract projects. The key performance measures (KPI) • Cost • Percent of budget • Billable cost • Percent of cost • Non-billable cost Contract Projects Cost Trend Report This report shows cost trend for the selected group of projects. It shows cost amounts for a progression … Read more

Capital Projects Cost Management Dashboard

The dashboard summarizes capital costs and non-capital costs or expenses on capital projects. The key performance measures (KPI) for capital project • Cost • Capital Cost • Percent of Cost • Expense Capital Projects Cost This displays the breakout of capitalizable and non capitalizable costs for capital and indirect/capital project types. The business questions answered … Read more

Projects Operations Management Dashboard

This dashboard summarizes bookings and backlog amounts, resource utilization, and resource availability. The key performance measures (KPI) for operations are: • Billable Utilization Percent • Total Utilization Percent • Available Resources Percent • Bookings • Backlog • Book to Bill ratio Projects Bookings and Backlog This compares bookings and backlog for the current and comparison … Read more