Software Business Dashboard | Software Metrics and KPIs | Netsuite Dashboard

The business of software is a different beast altogether. Companies like Oracle and Microsoft fall into this category of Software business. These giants have their own established ways to monitor and track their KPIs and we are not focusing on them. What about that small software company that creates a small Excel based add-ons? What … Read more

Order Management Dashboard | Daily Business Intelligence Dashboard | Oracle Dashboard

Click on the above chart for larger view One of our users submitted this DBI dashboard for Order Management. Following Order Management KPIs: Backorder Amount Backorder Qty Backlog Aging Backlog Aging Units Unit Distribution Reserve Vs Unreserverd units The dashboard is meant to display current state of Order Management and Inventory. In this context it … Read more

Sales KPI for Dashboards – 2

Sales KPI Listing Order Backlog Value of open orders Pipeline (drills to Forecast Overview report) Value of forecastable opportunities in selected period (drill to Forecast Overview report) Pipeline (drills to Weighted Pipeline report) Value of forecastable opportunities in selected period (drill to Weighted Pipeline report) Product Sales Revenue Recognized product revenue (based on AR invoice … Read more

Sales KPI for Dashboarding – 1

Sales KPI Listing Direct Reports Forecast (drills to Sales Results versus Forecast report) Sales forecast of subordinate sales groups and members (drill to Sales Results versus Forecast report) Lost Value of opportunities marked “Lost” in selected period Net Booked (drills to Sales Results versus Forecast report) Booked Orders net of returns (by sales group) No … Read more

Dashboards : BI Desktop Widget Sales Pipeline

Dashboards widgets are going to be the future trend. The above is a nice example of the dashboard portlets right on the PC desktop screen. It is cool, but see lot of drawbacks. You can just have one view where as with a Dashboard inside the html or dashboard viewer you can have multiple pages … Read more

Tree Dashboard-Marketing Overview- Finance overview-Products Overview-Supply chain

    Well This looks like more of a tree than any kind of Dashboard.Whats its place overe here? wondering The Contents are Home P.0 Marketing Overview Initiatives Finance overview Current Quarter Annual Forecast Budget Products Overview Branded Products Product focus co-Brand Products Co-Brand Product focus Supply chain Overview Re-stock and returns Inventory