Importance of visualizations and analytics for small business owners

Small business owners are all about "Getting the biggest bang for the buck". We as small biz owners want everything to work efficiently and make sure no resources are wasted that includes human resources, time and money. The question now is "How do you make sure your operation is efficient?" Not by any magic! But you … Read more

Performance Dashboard – Shipping Management Dashboards and KPI

The Shipping Management dashboard shows data for shippable items only, from a shipping and operations perspective. Because the intent of this dashboard is to show the performance of your shipping processes, both internal and external orders are included in the Shipping Management reports. Use the Shipping Management dashboard to monitor your warehouse operations, including the … Read more

Dashboard for Quickbooks : How to Build from scratch

If you are using Quickbooks then this may be of your interest. This tutorial is developed using this Dashboard Software We will create the following dashboard from scratch   1. Login to your Quickbooks 2. Create a Custom Transaction Report (remove the left margin and include, account type, class,item, item description, qty, sales price columns) … Read more