Google Visualization API – Create Dashboards from any Source

Earlier Google Visualization API allowed its gadgets to interact with only Google Spreadsheets. Google Viz API has now opened up to a variety of data sources. Today, we are expanding the capabilities of the Google Visualization API by enabling developers to display data from any data source connected to the web (any database, Excel spreadsheet, … Read more

Election Visualizations

Following our previouse “Dashboard-of-dashboards” Election Dashboards article, here comes another one on different types of Visualization on ElectionData. Visualize Political Contributions By Industry Visualizing Earmarks Visualizing Election Polls Electoral College Prediction Tracker The 2008 Presidential Election In The Blogosphere                       1.The non-profit organization called Sunlight … Read more

Election Intelligence – Collection of Electoral Dashboards

“Joe the Plumber”, “Tina Fey”, “Sarah Palin”, “Obama” and “Mccain”, What do they have to do with Dashboards? Apparently nothing, but they are the talk of this season, thats right, its Election season and with so many interesting things turning around every day there got to be a better way to track some elements of … Read more

Power Struggle at Wikipedia

About 4 million “Wikipedians” have made over 130 million edits, and the English-language version alone contains 1.7 million articles. Every second a new edit is made, and every day 2000 new articles spring up. How do you keep track of the bubbling mass of information that is Wikipedia? This chaotic-looking mosaic is one attempt to … Read more