Technology Performance Dashboard from Dundas

This dashboard has been put together by Dundas as an example of their dashboard creation software. It examines several important KPIs for a number of different companies, and has an additional comment feature which allows the dashboard to be annotated by users.

At the very top of the dashboard there are two drop down menus, which allow users to select the required Fiscal Year and the Customer whose details they wish to view. Once the company has been selected, the dashboard automatically updates to reflect the company and the time period in question. On the left hand side of the top row is a text box displaying customer information. It includes phone and email details for the contact within the company, along with information on that individuals position and department. The dashboard is then divided into two primary sections – Financial Metrics and Non-Financial Metrics.

The Financial Metrics section contains three charts. There is a bar chart displaying Net Profit, with columns for Consulting, Training and Support. (Mousing over this chart displays a Revenue trend line, which incorporates figures from the three years that have been included in this dashboard.) Next to this there is a pie chart for the Contribution Margins, where the percentage of the profit stemming from each category is displayed. In addition to this there is the YOY Revenue Trend bar chart, which demonstrates the percentage revenues from each category for each of the three years incorporated into this dashboard.

The Non-Financial Metrics section contains three charts also. The first two are gauge charts, displaying the Percentage of Contracts Renewed and the Service Quality Index. There is then a selection of horizontal column charts, Cases Closed, Training Units Purchased, Escalations and Professional Services Engagements. Each of these charts is colour coded with a red, yellow or green button, and the target figures are marked with a horizontal black line.

Overall this is a well laid out and attractive dashboard. It is possible for users to annotate the chart in any position, which attaches a small symbol to the dashboard. The notes can be read by clicking on this symbol, or they are also visible in a small panel to the left of the dashboard.

technology performance dashboard example