The Geowise Health Care Analysis Dashboard

Geowise have developed a dashboard for the Arizona Department of Health Services. This dashboard analysis various statistics pertaining to cases of cancer throughout the state, and provides geographical information about the development of this disease amongst the population.

As with the majority of geographical dashboards, this dashboard is dominated by a map of Arizona. Here users can select counties within the state, or simply view information on the state as a whole. Even mousing over the counties on the map provides additional drill down information, highlighting the county on the table to the right of the map. This table lists the Age Adjusted Incidence Rate of all Cancers per county.

Each of the counties on the map of Arizona is color coded, in order to indicate which band of incidences it falls into. A detailed legend on the left of the map explains the color coding system, while a pie chart displays which rate bands are more well populated than others. Mousing over a segment on the pie chart highlights all corresponding counties on the map, and also on the table. Filters can also be applied to this dashboard, such as limiting results to the Indian Nations.

Beneath the primary charts there are some additional smaller charts, which allow for comparison between counties. A time series chart is also available, which is of course a simple line chart. This can display varying trends within the number of incidences in a given area. Further information on this dashboard can be found here.

Healthcare Analysis Dashboard