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Here are few things that is always on the mind of a Software CEO.


From a reader:

For a software company, what factors are important and should be measured? Obviously financial measures (e.g. value of contracts, annual renewals etc…) are an important aspect, but what do other companies look at?

I would be interested to know how other software companies analyse and measure the value of their customers i.e. who are their best/worst customers and how they identify these groups.


There are several ways that are commonly used:

1. Share: How much you earn from the customer in revenue today + potential revenue in the future via up-sell and cross-sell, other revenue streams over the customer lifecycle

2. Profitability: Tougher to do, but the bean-counters love to undertake such an excercise. Calculate the revenue stream from the customer and calcuate the cost of servicing. Depending on your business model, some high revenue customers may be costing you money.

3. Revenue stream. Simply look at dollars coming in through all sources.

Here is a sample CEO dashboard (can you guess who the CEO is?), it measures some of the very important metrics for a extremely large software company.

  • Sales Forecast
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Revenue – New Licenses
  • Revenue – Support
  • Revenue – Consulting
  • Revenue – Education
  • Expenses
  • Operating Margin
  • Book-to-Bill


  • Top Open opportunities
  • Top Won opportunites
  • License Revenue
  • Direct License Expenses
  • License Revenue by product
  • Support Revenue
  • Consulting Revenue
  • Direct Support Expenses
  • Support Contracts
  • Indirect Expenses
  • Top 10 Spenders
  • Employee Headcount and Salary Trend

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