Warehouse Management Dashboard

The Warehouse Management dashboard features content relating to operational efficiency of a warehouse and capacity utilization. You can view data relating to outbound shipments, such as number of picks, pick release to ship cycle time and pick exceptions, putaway cycle time for incoming material, operation plan performance, and the amount of the warehouse storage that is in use and the weight and volume of the
materials that are being stored.

Use the Warehouse Management dashboard to monitor your warehouse operations.

With this dashboard, you can answer the following questions:
What is the average amount of time elapsed between pick release and actual shipment?

• How efficiently are received materials being moved from the receiving area into their final storage locations?

• How effective are my operation plans?

• Do I need to reallocate more space for any particular organization or

• What is the volume and weight utilization of the warehouse at this moment?

Warehouse Management KPIs
Warehouse Management key performance indicators:
KPI Definitions
>> Pick Release To Ship (Hours): (Total elapsed time for the shipping confirmations / Number of shipping confirmations)

The average time from pick release to the time the delivery shipment is
confirmed. Data is shown for delivery lines for which shipment has been confirmed in the selected period.

>> Receipt To Putaway (Hours): (Total Elapsed Time for All the Putaways) / (Number of Putaways)
The average elapsed time from receipt of an item to the time it is put away to its final storage location.

>> Utilized Volume: The space occupied by the material stored in the organization or subinventory.

>> Weight Stored: The total weight of the material stored in the organization or subinventory.