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The amount of purchases tied to each advertising media
Return on investment
Measures the ROI in advertising
Effective Reach
The number of individuals reached by the advertisement at a particular frequency, divided by the total number of people within a universe, multiplied by 100
Gross Ratings Points

The Gross Impressions of a media buy divided by the population of the audience reached, multiplied by 100

In a broadcast media Gross Rating Points (GRP’s) are used in media buying and media effectivess analysis. They represent the Reach or audience share of your spots or placements (a function of what stations you buy and when the ads run) times the Frequency or number of spots (advertisements) run. Each GRP represents 1%.

Over a period of time and with multiple impressions, the GRP can be 200, 500 or more. For example a GRP of 100 could mean that you bought a hundred spots with a 1% reach or that you bought 2 spots with a 50% reach.

Targeted Rating Points
Targeted Rating Points are a refinement of GRP’s to express the reach time frequency of only your most likely prospects. For example, if you buy 150 GRP’s for a television spot, but you know that only half of that audience is actually your market, then you would state your TRP as 75 to calculate your net effective buy.
Click-through rate (CTR)
The average number of “click-throughs” (clicking through an online advertisement to the advertiser’s destination) per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.
Conversion rate
The number of visitors who take a desired action divided by the total number of visitors , multiplied by 100
Site stickiness
Number of pages visited per visit
Unique visitors
Total number of unique visitors
Web site traffic
Total page impressions
Pay per click (PPC)
Payment amount for each visitor click-through
Pay per lead (PPL)
Payment amount for each qualifying lead
Pay per sale (PPS)
Amount paid usually to the affiliates on each sale
Cost-per-action (CPA)
Cost per each action, for e.g. signup, downloads, or purchase