Wireframes and Mockups for your Dashboard Requirements

How do you communicate your Dashboard Requirements?

If you are a Business Intelligence consultant or a Dashboard specialist how do you let your users communicate what they want to see on their dashboards?

Usually, the user will either draw it on a paper or a drawing white board. From there someone takes the notes and puts them in the documentation. If the user is good with Excel charting then you may be able to get the charts and layout in Excel format.

MockupTiger is a new kind of web application that specifically allows anyone to build quick Dashboard Wireframes or Website mockups. Since building a Dashboard is like building a web application, you require to layout the dashboard appropriately.

Building Dashboard wireframes is like building a flowchart

With this wireframe application users can drag and drop charts, layout them, resize them and also prototype with test or sample data. And the beauty of the final result is that it is just like an intended wireframe sketch.

Users can then attach it as part of their requirements documentation or send it to the developers to get working on the next stage.

The importance of wireframing as a process within the software or website design and development stage has been repeatedly proved and stressed upon by designers and developers with varying levels of experience and success. From the most successful and famous to those who are just starting out, all of them swear by the use of a proper implementation and execution of wireframing for each project.

So now the same standard can be easily followed for BI specifications.

Here is a sample mockup of how the Dashboard looks in the wireframe mode.


Isn’t it easy to communicate with an image rather than tons of documentation?

Don’t waste Time

MockupTiger is now available for download or you can use the online free version.


MockupTiger provides lots of charts in its library and each of them is easily customizable.

When you double click a chart, it pops with a table layout


So you can easily set the rows,columns and then enter the sample data to prototype your chart.

It is like a child’s play

Imagine designing your custom speedometer type of visualization??

MockupTiger gives you ready made templates for each chart type


So if you are designing a new website or Dashboard, do checkout Mockuptiger

Here are the pros once again.

  • Super slick web application
  • Download and host on your own network
  • Use the Free online edition
  • Website wireframe widgets
  • Dashboard Chart library
  • Sketchy Pencil look lets you focus on the layout and structure.