Wireframing with MockupTiger is such a Joy!

MockupTiger Wireframe software is an awesome wireframing and prototyping tool. It is fully browser based, drag and drop UI and tons of widgets and icons to choose from to build every kind of Web application , mobile app or dashboard interfaces.

You’ll never lose track of your projects with MockupTiger! Thanks to an intuitive interface, all of your work is organized into projects and folders, plus automatic daily version creation means you’ll never risk losing previous work.

MockupTiger provides a powerful mechanism where you can group multiple widgets into a Symbol and you can nest these symbols with other widgets to form bigger Symbols. Using the same mechanism we provide pre-packaged stencils for Android and iOS platforms.

Group Widgets into Symbols
Nestable Symbols
Reusable symbols

Over 3000+ Icons from Material design, Font Awesome and Linea are packaged as widgets that can be used for building wireframes.

All the icons can be simply dragged and just works like any other widget. There is no obtrusive dialog boxes that you need to pick an icon.

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