WordPress Plugin History for DashboardZone

We at dashboard zone use lot of Google tools to run our website. For e.g we use Google Analytics to monitor traffic, Google Adwords for advertising and Google Adsense for monetization. We also monitor our wordpress database activity, number of user registrations, number of RSS subscriptions etc. All of these data comes from different sources so the obvious pain was how do we integrate all of this information into nice little page called as Dashboard.

Now, one point to note is, we are a small shop and don’t have the bandwidth to write a sophisticated data warehouse for all these services that we use in order to get a dashboard.

One of our partners and sponsors, RudraSoft, provides a very effective Dashboard software where you could create a Dashboard page from multiple data sources without any need for a data-warehouse or server configurations. We built a small prototype by pulling data from all of the above services into Excel file and point InfoCaptor at these various excel files. It works fine for our internal use and this could very well become a very useful Dashboard/utility for everybody. Maybe someday we will pursuade our friends at RudraSoft to publish this as generic application.

But I knew something was still missing and there was something to be done with wordpress and dashboards. After all we are so much focused on Dash-boards and we love wordpress very much, so at the back of my mind it was so obvious to do something that linked Dashboards and wordpress. So the question was how do we bridge Dashboards and WordPress together? (Note: WordPress calls its entry page as dashboard and we are not talking about that)

Then I stumbled across Occam’s Razor blog goals article by Avinash Kaushik. I am a big fan of his writing and all about analytics. The thing about blog goals really struck me and it was as if all the stars perfectly aligned together.

Everybody is monitoring their blog stats but what about their blogging goals?

This was the single most thought that formed the basis for this wordpress plugin. Sure every dedicated blogger has set some goals for himself but how about letting your readers know about your blogging goals, so that they can help you acheive them and help keep you on track.

Here at DashboardZone, we talk so much about financial goals, KPIs and metrics, so how about blogging KPIs and tools for monitoring them?

So with a little brainstorming with Nilesh (founder of InfoCaptor) it became quiet evident we needed a wordpress plugin to monitor blogging goals.

Within few weeks of effort and prototyping we were able to get a stable release of our DashboardZone plugin for wordpress.

This pretty much sums up the hows and whys for this plugin.

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Mark phillips

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