Xtraction Dashboard using CA Siteminder data

Xtraction offer a fast and effective method of designing dashboards, using simple drag and drop features. In order to demonstrate the efficacy of their approach, and the range of options available using their software, they have created the dashboard shown below.

Using data from the CA Siteminder environment, this dashboard has been designed to contain a huge amount of data. Standard dashboard techniques have been used to create a clear and legible dashboard, which gives an instant overview of the data in question. This dashboard focuses on Access logs from CA Siteminder, and uses a number of charts and tables to breakdown the information.

A bar chart displays the times at which the site was accessed, and the volume of users at that time. Colour coding is also used to distinguish between different types of users, i.e. Admin, Affiliate etc. Tables provide information on the usernames accessing the site at a given time as well as the activities they engaged in. As Xtraction are using this data to demonstrate the capabilities of their software, they also provide an alternative layout for the same dashboard. Here a line chart is used to demonstrate the volumes of access at given times, on certain dates. Again colour coding is utilised to distinguish between user classes. A pie chart gives a breakdown of the users in question, again based on user classes. However as can be seen on the left of the dashboard, the pie chart can be filtered to display breakdowns based on a number of options. In fact this entire dashboard is fully interactive and can be filtered to provide analysis and overviews of any data set. There is also full drill down capability. Further information on Xtraction’s dashbaords can be found here.