Yahoo Web Analytics Dashboard

Yahoo recently announced the introduction of Yahoo Web Analytics for Yahoo Merchant Solutions, now in a test phase with continual rollout slated throughout this year and 2009.

The result of Yahoo’s acquisition of IndexTools earlier this year, Yahoo Web Analytics will provide the company’s advertisers, publishers, partners and developers with data and customer insights they can use to maximize their online marketing.

This first release of Yahoo Web Analytics will include integrated reporting and analytics for Yahoo Small Business’ 13,000 hosted e-commerce customers. That means that Web shop owners can see in real-time how shoppers are behaving at their Web sites, which in return will help them employ strategies aimed at converting more browsers into buyers.




The Alerts functionality allows you to schedule customized email alerts for you and your colleagues
depending on the performance of your web site. You can define email alerts by identifying high/low
values of your key metrics or significant percentage changes based on past performance.

Yahoo Web Analytics standard tracking will capture and report data for almost every scenario a merchant needs to track, according to the company, including:

* Site visits, site referrals, navigation paths, page views, most requested pages, entry pages, exit pages, and bounce rate of all visits .

* Visitor information, including visitor demographics, time spent per page visited, average visit duration, page views per visit, first-time vs. returning visitors, unique visitors, and system information (browsers, operating systems, and screen resolution).

* Conversions, including conversion by search phrases and by entry page URL.

* Product sales performance, including product views, add-to-cart actions, product conversion (includes SKU information, the number of units sold, and revenue per product).

* Products sold together in a cart, for cross-sell analysis.

* Referrals, including search engines, search phrases, referring domains and referring URLs.

* Keyword conversion rates.

* Internal site searches (store pages built with Store Editor only).

* Site actions, including signups, subscriptions, contact forms and canceled sales.

You can follow Dennis Mortensen, Director of Data Insights at Yahoo! and previous COO of IndexTools at VisualRevenue blog for more information